Physiotherapy – Bachelor’s Degree



Training physiotherapists with broad and critical view offering tools to skills development from particular ones in respect of practice physiotherapy to world and society perspective, who perform in an interdisciplinary way and run after the transformation of reality, with professional, social and ethical autonomy. Training professionals with competencies to integral attention as far as functional health from individuals and communities is concerned, with quality, efficiency and resoluteness. Conscious citizens with regard to their own professional and social responsibilities, committed to the reality they live, who are permanently modernising under demands from the dynamic world of work, health policies and from Unified Health System (known by the acronym SUS). Contributing to training an individual capable of identify health needs and intervene in people’s health, taking into account the process of health/disease/care in its many dimensions, and running for transforming the reality, with intellectual, social and ethic autonomy.


Promotion, prevention, functional health of individual and communities activities. Team management and health services activities. Activities within the framework of social control and health policies. Educational activities.


Among the areas physiotherapists can act, there are included child and teenager, woman, man, elderly, labourer and all the individuals and communities health in every different level of attention to health. They take part in activities of promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. The professional works with management and participate in social control with relevant actions to policies and practices in health. Beside the many areas mentioned above, physiotherapists works in some physiotherapeutic specialities as Respiratory, Neurofunctional, Musculoskeletal, Dermato-Functional, Cardiovascular, adult, paediatric and neonatal Intensive Care, Ergonomics, among others.

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy

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