Central Vivarium - Technical Unit


The Central Vivarium is a integral unit of the organizational structure linked to the Centre of Biological Sciences and Health Sciences from Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul and aims to produce and provide laboratory animals with genetic and health quality to meet the activities and/or educational projects, research and extension, provide technical and operational support to the activities involving the use of these animals in the institution.

Frente Bioterio

Produced lines:

Rattus norvegicus/ Wistar Strain: Heterogeneous model (outbred) often used as a model of toxicology, biomedical research and behavioral studies.

Mus musculus/ Swiss Strain: Heterogeneous Mice (outbred) used in biomedical used in biomedical research, mainly in pharmacology.

Mus musculus/ BALB/c Strain: Isogenic Mice (inbred) used mainly in immunology, monoclonal antibody production, pharmacology and toxicology.

Mus musculus/ BLACK C 57 BL/6 Strain: Isogenic Mice (inbred) used as a model for immunology, toxicology and oncology. Also used as background for transgenic and mutant mice.

Mus musculus/ Hairless Strain (HRS/J): Spontaneous mutant BALB/c strain maintained as inbred colony. Model used mainly in dematology and oncology.

Mesocricetus auratus/ GOLDEN Strain: Study model in oncology, parasitology, microbiology, virology and cardiology.

Meriones unguiculatus: Used as a model for oncology, parasitology and neurophysiology.

Monodelphis domestica: Laboratory opossums used as a model for hypercholesterolemia, immunology and oncology. Used in researches with Trypanossoma cruzi.




  • Amanda Godoi Navarezi – Laboratory Assistant
  • Eder Afonso Doná – Laboratory/Vivarium Technician
  • Maria Araújo Teixeira – Veterinary Doctor/ Line Manager
  • Peterson Cabral Gomes – Laboratory/Vivarium Technician
  • Rosalina Ap. Ferreira de Rezende – Laboratory/Vivarium Technician
  • Tamy Ingrid Restel – Sanitary Control/Laboratory Technician
  • Telma Bazzano da Silva – Biologist

Service Timetable:

From Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 11:00h and 13:00 to 17:00h


(67) 3345-3540


Av. Senador Filinto Muller, 1555

Vila Ipiranga

CEP: 79070-900

Campo Grande – MS



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